Pros and Cons of Investing in inflatable spas in 2021

Several people familiar with bathtubs have not yet considered why an inflatable spa is a great option. For one, the weather condition in Australia, as some other parts of the world, suggests that you need to control your body. Obviously, more people would rather walk into a public spa facility and join the long queues of those who need the same service. Whereas there is an open offer where they can acquire their own inflatable spas at affordable rates. 


So, why should you consider investing in inflatable spas that get crowded? What if I even told you that you could save as much as 15% on the actual cost? Just follow this article carefully to the end. 

Benefits of Investing in Inflatable spas 

1. Motivation

One of the most fascinating benefits of inflatable spas is to enhance your decision of whether you really need to get a regular indoor spa or not. It is rather challenging to check out some of the other benefits that a hot tub gives you in this light, except you actually try one out. If you now need to invest in the real deal in the future, you will be better equipped for your choice.

2. Cheaper products

Inflatable spas cost far less than a hard shell outdoor hot tub with full features. On the other hand, installing solid spas for permanent use. In fact, you get to buy inflatable spas from at a reasonable discount. 

3. Portability 

Perhaps, this benefit should have been number one: inflatable spas are portable and suitably designed for outdoor use. So, they are not only inexpensive to install; you can actually move them around to wherever you desire. Imagine having to go out for a picnic on a somewhat cold day while you have your inflatable spa with you. 

4. Convenience

What shall we also say about the convenience of use? You can plug the inflatable spas into any standard outdoor socket. When you are ready to use your inflatable spa, simply spread it out and pump air into it using the air blower. The next thing is to fill it up with hot water and step in to have the best time of your life. You don’t even need an electrician to help you set it up—no need for long lead times, no-hassle, or anything of such issue.

5. Lesser running cost

Unlike the sophisticated water bath that consumes a lot of power, up to 32 amps, inflatable spas use less energy than that. Consequently, you can save more running costs when using inflatable spas than when you install the conventional spa.

6. Turn your garden to a party

If you set up inflatable spas in your garden behind the house, expect to have many neighbors come around. Everyone sees how much enjoyment you have there, and it brings family and friends around. In one way, this strategy fosters the social bond with these sets of people. And in addition, it allows you to convert your garden to a more diversified use than the mere spreading of clothes. 

7. Easily removable

Unlike the hard shell of a ceramic case that a conventional spa has, inflatable spas can be quickly emptied, deflated, and turned in for safekeeping. Therefore, since it is a temporary structure, it is easy to deal with anytime you are no longer using it. Apart from the fact that you can construct and deconstruct it at will, you can also take it with you on outdoor recreation or vacations. As long as you have the electrical power source and water supply, inflatable spas will give you all the comfort you need. 

Possible disadvantages of Investing in Inflatable spas

1. Regular change of water

When using inflatable spas, please ensure that you have a constant water supply for a regular change. Users have to change the water in a hot tub every 2 weeks if they use it daily. However, if you don’t use it every day, you may not have to change the water frequently. Although they contain basic filters, the filters are disposable and can only last one month.

2. No internal purification

The system of inflatable spas has no internal purification system to keep the system clean. Therefore, you have to rely on the floating dispenser or neutralize the water from bacteria or other water-borne germs. The addition of chlorine and bromine tablets can help deal with the germs, but that also means the extra cost of chemicals to keep cleaning. Moreover, the continuous usage of chlorine and bromine can bleach the inside portion of your inflatable spa. Furthermore, this bleaching process does harm to the quality and thickness of the material of the inflatable spas.

3. Non-recyclable product

Inflatable spas are non-recyclable after it expires in just two summers. Eventually, its full one-year warranty matters only a little if the spa could not live more than 2 years. In terms of environmental sustainability, shall hot tubs last longer and are safer in the environment than inflatable spas. Afterward, the spa owner may have to go for a replacement if the old one gets spoiled.

4. Not always suitable for Winter

 One can easily assume that hot tubs or inflatable spas are ideal for winter seasons. But the manufacturer recommends temperatures that are higher than 100C. The primary reason is that the inbuilt technology can only work according to the air temperature of the environment. Otherwise, the heater cannot overheat the system beyond the recommendation of the atmospheric condition. However, there is a solution to using the inflatable spa during Winter; your simple blowing up of the spa will help keep it warmer. 

5. No seats

The last demerit of inflatable spas is that there are no seats for anyone to use in the spas. When you enter it, make up your mind to sit on the floor, together with other people who join you. But if you so like, you may add other forms of refreshment while you enjoy your time in the inflatable spa.


On a final note, inflatable spas have many excellent benefits that far outweigh their demerits. As you begin to explore the help of these hot tubs, you can enjoy a great deal of comfort for their use. Meanwhile, these hot tubs can become a long-term investment that is safer, cheaper, flexible, and more comfortable. Hope you enjoy your time.